Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweating that gym!

Some judge a vacation resort by the price, some judge it by the accomodations, some judge resort spot by the pools (Techy), and some judge it by the amount of things to do on the resort. Me, I judge vacation resorts by the gym. I realize this sounds a bit ridiculous, but my theory goes something like this: Most places don’t provide access to a gym at all, much less a fully stocked gym. Therefore, the nicer the gym, the nicer the resort. And can I just say, the gym at Cinnamon Beach is not just nice, it is luxurious. Since I am pretty sure that Techy did not set foot inside the gym one time last week (he was in charge of all photography) I don’t think we got one picture of the gym. But here’s a pic that I pulled off the website.

Trust me, when I say, it was wonderful! It was spotlessly clean, it was cool, and it was quiet! I relished the opportunity to learn how to use new equipment when no one else is around. It was great. If only I could afford to have access to that kind of equipment all the time. If only….

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