Monday, May 3, 2010

Peter Piper picked a Peck of pickled peppers

Something appalling has been happening at my house. Ok, so more than one appalling thing has been going on at my house. Forget the dust bunnies growing viciously in my corners and the mountain of supplies multiplying in my hallway due to my bathroom makeover. And let’s not even talk about Techy’s crankiness due to the lack of relaxation that has been in his weekends.

I know you must be wondering what could be worse than all that….

One word:



Ok, so that was 2 words.

I am being highly ridiculed by the ever sweet, ever caring, never stressed (hahahahaha) Techy.

It all started last week when all I could think about was my weight, the need for lots of veggies in my diet, and the lack of moolah in my wallet and time in my day to pick up fresh veggies consistently. And then it occurred to me…if I had a garden, I could have fresh veggies all summer long. And if I worked hard enough, I might even be able to can some of them for the fall/winter months.

And then I brought it up to Techy, who knows everything about everything, and loves to tell people all the things he knows. He grew up with a huge garden and he loved the idea. Before I knew what was going on, he was chattering about what we could plant and when we could plant it. Oh the excitement. And then he reminded me of a few things. Techy, who I love with all my heart, can be a real buzz kill at times….

“We don’t have space for a garden…where do you think you are going to put a garden?” Strike One. Luckily, I have thought Aaaaaaa Lot about this. I had a place set aside already. One point me!

“We have rabbits” Strike Two. I have no argument for this one. All I can think of is Peter Rabbit…. Maybe I need a briar patch around my garden…. Wait, was that Peter Rabbit or…. Oh who cares. No points me!

“Gardens are a lot of work” Strike Three. Like a blow to my ego. As if I don’t know that gardens are a lot of work. But I thought I was ready for it. Maybe not ready today, but by the middle of next month when it’s time to work on the garden, I will be. All of my other projects will be put to the side until fall. (right…) But then Techy was kind enough to remind me of that baby thing we have now…. Ehh, oh well. Again, no good argument. No points me!

And thereby, my dreams of fresh, home grown veggies went up in smoke. I can be a real pushover. No fight left in me. The rabbit argument really threw me. I don’t know anything about keeping rabbits away from veggies.

At least he can’t take my tomatoes away from me. They are already planted in a hanging basket on my back porch. Here’s hoping I get at least a few of those this year. I want to have at least one home grown veggie (fruit, whatever) to savor. If my luck serves me, the birds will probably steal those before I even have a chance!

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The Foliage said...

Answer to rabbits: buy rolls of metal mesh fencing and surround your gardens with it.