Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let’s hear it for the curls

In between random posts about vacation, I need to vent about other things.

First of all, my hair.

See this photo?

I worked on my hair for a while. All I wanted was normal hair – something like this…

That was my cute hair

But instead, thanks to beach weather humidity, within a matter of minutes, I looked like a mop.

That’s fine and all, but no one takes a curly-headed adult woman seriously. Don’t believe me? Just look at her.

You really take her seriously, right? Right….

My one goal for vacation was to have really nice family photos. But those curls…. Every stinking shot….

I am envious of people who get hair styles. If I were to get a hair style no one would notice… my hair would end up curling up and the style would end up looking completely ridiculous.

On the upside, fixing my hair doesn’t usually take much time. Long enough to add some gel, curl the bangs, and spray it down.

Don’t be jealous, I only do it because to do anything else would take me hours. I used to try to straighten my hair in college…please. It took an hour and a half. And I had to check the weather channel before I could do it, because if there was more than 40% humidity, there was no use. I would be a mop top by noon.

Lucky for me this guy, really digs the curls.

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