Friday, May 28, 2010

Well, it finally happened….

Today, while reading one of my favorite blogs, PW, I did something I have been swearing I wouldn’t do for months…. I started reading one of the blogs posted in PW’s Home and Garden section. Which led me to another and then another, and then another.

For those of you who know me well, you know it is inevitable that I would end up reading blogs about decorating.

What’s surprising is that I, lover of all things colorful, of all things bright and bold, now want to repaint every room in my house a stark white.

What can I say.

But I won’t. I like my “box of crayons”—the affectionate term that Techy has given our home—too much.

I do have a reawakened desire for those gorgeous butcher block counter tops, though.

Poor Techy.

I told him that I was done redecorating for a while after that whole 3 week bathroom makeover.

Ehh, fish gotta swim….

NOTE: **Warning**

Clicking the links above may lead to blog addiction such as mine, which may, in turn, be harmful to your husband’s sanity.

Otherwise, enjoy….

1 comment:

ceejus said...

ugh. i know. those stupid petersiks make me crave beige like no one's business. it's like i black out and forget who i am. or maybe i have a split personality disorder.

could also be because neutrals are kind of "in" right now. potato potawto.