Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now boarding flight 665 to Abu Dhabi

I am lying on the beach as I type this. I am using Techy's Blackberry so this will be brief. I have to tell you how amazing our trip down was. I have to tell you how crazy I was to think that I could have made the trip without my stroller. And I want to thank Graco for making the amazingness a reality. If you are a new mom who travels ever, you will want to take advantage of your amazing travel system. On vacations it becomes a napper, a high chair, a crib, a play pen, and a mobile storage unit. To be honest I have to wonder how I ever went to the beach without it! What normally would have filled 2 giant beach bags easily fit in our stroller and we wheeled it out onto the beach! Aah the luxury of it all. Tomorrow we will test its skill as we head off to Disney. I am not looking forward to it, but that's what I said about the flight. I promise to give the full rundown later, including our flight with cheech and chong!

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