Friday, March 5, 2010

It has come to my attention...

It has come to my attention that I made a relatively controversal comment during my random comments the other day.

Actually, I probably made several controversal comments during that vent's been an interesting week.

Anyway, my best friend politely posted that she disagreed with my comments about stay at home moms complaining about how busy they are. On those grounds, I am clarifying my statement.

I was not referring to anyone who is actually at home with small children. The term I was actually looking for was probably more along the lines of "Soccer Mom's"--the mom's whose kids are in school all day and make themselves busy by baking, cleaning, doing laundry, planning events, doing yoga, and yet they complain about how busy they are.

For those of us with little ones, I realize that being a stay at home mom is more than a full time job. It is hard work - very hard. When your little ones are small enough to need constant supervision and they are still in the house, it is very difficult to get anything else done, let alone everything else done. So feel free to whine to me! I was exhausted on my maternity leave, and my house never got clean, my laundry never got caught up--I just barely got my Christmas decorations put away.

I am sure it is hard work to be a Soccer Mom too, but my point is only that if they want to complain, they should probably be complaining to another Soccer Mom, not a new mommy who just went back to work and has no time to breathe. I am just not ready to hear about how hard it is to fit the yoga into your schedule because you were too busy baking cookies and planning a bake sale.

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