Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hellooooooooooooo out there!

I think one of the most difficult parts of being a new mom is the isolation.

Especially when your life was as crazy as mine was. I ran constantly right up until the little guy was born.

After having Little Man, I was flooded with attention for several weeks non-stop. But after the dust settles, everyone has seen the baby, life is back to normal, but I don’t have the ability to run like I used to. Therefore, I don’t see my friends like I used to.

To clarify, I am not complaining. I should preface everything with the statement that my little man is totally worth all the isolation, all the work, all the extra skin, all the stretch marks, and all the love.

But I miss my friends. I miss feeling like people care. I know they do. I just miss feeling it.
That’s one of the hardest things about being a new mom.

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Debbie Lovette said...

Are we still hanging out on Monday night? Little Man is beautiful but I loved you before I loved him! So, let's get together!