Monday, March 29, 2010

Get out of the doghouse! You are getting your pants dirty!

Wanna hear some drama?

Well, then read on, friends! We had a weekend packed full of it! I am absolutely exhausted from all of it. Some good, some bad, but all tiring. I guess this is what life with is like now, huh?


Friday afternoon Techy called me with some news that he knew would set me off. Instead of our leisurely Friday evening that I had originally had planned, he had invited one of his best buds over to play video games all evening leaving me with no hubby face time as I had originally planned. Knowing that he was going to be gone all day on Saturday to his annual pyrotechnics training didn’t help anything. I was more than a little upset and we really got into it. I hate it when he does that and he doesn't understand why I would have a problem with it. And round and round we go.

Since Friday was shot before I even walked through the door, I opted to pack up Little Man and head over to my girlfriend’s house for some baby play time and girl talk. By the time I got home, it was time for the little guy to eat his bottle and head off to bed for the night.

Since Techy was gone all day Saturday, I filled the day with grocery shopping, errands, and a 2 year old’s birthday party. Can I just say, I was in a house full of little boys, and somehow I managed to escape without one bruise – quite a feat considering all the balls/bowling pins that were flying after the little guy opened his gifts. Sometime during the day while I was pining away for my hubby, he called.... We chatted for a few minutes and then he unloaded the bombshell of the day…he had booked 3 fireworks displays for 4th of July weekend this year. (You should know that there is some history with me and fireworks shows…I despise them when my hubby happens to be a shooter in one. Since the night that my husband, then boyfriend, first kissed me, we have never watched a fireworks display together because he has always been shooting them. I resent that A LOT. It takes an incredible amount of time away from our family time.) I was already complaining about and dreading the one show on the 4th, but then he tells me that he booked 2 others?! Lets just say I was ever so slightly irritated....

Sunday morning as we were packing up to head out the door to church, Techy, who has been working on a project for Sunday school by taking videos of our teens, asked me where my camera was. Since the last time I saw it was last week when he took it to Sunday school, I was concerned. Techy is infamous for losing/forgetting things. He has already lost this camera once last fall, and magically, we recovered it. But this time, I knew our chances were slim to none. We searched the house from top to bottom, we searched his car, we searched the Sunday school room, we searched our back yard, we searched our friends’ house, we searched their car.... The camera was no where to be found. We were sunk. We had invested a lot in this camera. The camera itself was almost $400, and last summer before we went on the cruise, Techy spent $200 for an underwater case that only fits that camera. Not to mention all the pictures of our baby boy that we can’t recover.

That was the straw that broke the camel's back. After that, we just chalked up the weekend as a bad one. We were both in a ridiculously bad mood and there was very little hope of recovery. After the irritation on Friday, irritation on Saturday and major irritation on Sunday, I was beyond beat.

And then the phone rang. Our friends who just had their baby last week were calling and wanting to know if we wanted to come visit. So we did....

And Techy took his camera (the new, really ridiculous, expensive, professional one) and we finally made some happy memories for this weekend. Like this one.

And this one

And I'm sorry, there is just something magical about a baby's toes...

And a little boy holding his mommy's hand...

Be still my heart!

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