Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Overdue and Overweight

Today is my friend Rachel’s due date. They are expecting their own Little Man anytime now. Don’t worry, I gave her the laundry list of things she needed to know pre-baby. When I talked to her hubby this morning, he indicated that she is still having no signs of labor and she is terribly uncomfortable and anxious for her little guy to arrive. Poor girl…I remember those feelings all too well.

Lucky for her, she is one of those people who will probably leave the hospital in her pre-pregnancy jeans.

I, on the other hand, still can’t fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I am actually about 4 sizes and 35 lbs bigger than I was when I got pregnant.

On that note, this weekend, Techy, out of the goodness of his heart, bought wii fit for us. He was so excited! As soon as we got home, he had to hook it up and try it out. He registered himself and just as expected, it told him that he was slightly overweight and he should lose about 10 lbs.

He couldn’t be satisfied if I didn’t try it out too.

As I stepped on the balance board and registered myself, the oh-so-friendly, ever-helpful, sweet little-device practically screamed at me. I am pretty sure lights and sirens were going off in my house… If it had spoken audibly, it would have said something along the lines of “Get off of me, Lard Butt, and go run a few miles before even thinking about stepping on me again!”

According to my Wii Fit, I am (get ready for this) OBESE….

Oh the sheer awfulness of it all.

To make it worse, my mii morphed in front of my eyes. It went from being this way cute little mii, to this short, round stub of a mii. Now I feel like I need to lose weight in order to use my Wii Fit to lose weight.

To beat it all, I feel the need to explain to my Wii Fit that I just had a baby and I am working on losing the weight, but my baby just started to sleep through the night….

Too bad it doesn’t care.

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slt said...

Leah...this made me laugh...hard! You are a hoot!