Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You Should Know

I have an amazing Helpful How-To for you today.


Blogger's being a royal pain in my royal patoot.

So until they reconnect me with the ability to upload pictures, my helpful how-to won't be so helpful.

In the meantime, let's discuss my amazing skills at Words With Friends.

Which has recently turned into an I-don't-care-who's-winning-I-just-want-a-word situation.

If I have vowels I don't have consonants.

If I have consonants, I don't have high point ones.

And if I have high point ones, I have no vowels to pair them with.

And by the time I have high point consonants AND vowels to pair with them, there is no longer any space left on the board for me to play them.

Dumb words with friends.

At this rate, it's amazing if I get a word over 20 points.

Much less anything higher.

While I am bragging/complaining, I should probably make reference to the fact I am a saint.

Like a legit saint.

Last week one of my worthy WWF opponents totally trumped (should that be capitalized?  Like Donald Trump?  I do not understand chess that in fact a chess term?  I am so clueless....) me extremely early on in the game with a 120 point word.

While I was still struggling to get consonants.

ANY consonants.

And rather than resigning...

I played the game.

And lost by about 253 points.

And then made sure to chat *that person* up about my worthiness as an opponent for not caving.

Yeah.  I am pretty amazingly humble at times.

Also, if that didn't prove my saint hood....

Yesterday, I came home to find that my husband did not shut Little Man's bedroom door before leaving for work yesterday morning.

Which doesn't sound like a big deal, right?

Until you realize that my dog likes to eat diapers.

Especially poop diapers.

And I came home to find no less than 3-4 poop diapers shredded into a million pieces and engrained into Little Man's rug.

And I had to clean it up.

While managing to not puke.

While managing to keep an 18 month old from playing in it.

While managing to not kill ANYONE.

And Techy still got to sleep on his pillow last night.


I have arrived.

You know with the exception of humility....

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