Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh, the Summer Nights

Yesterday, after what was a considerably mild and lovely weekend, I checked the forecast.

To see this guy...

Thank you, weather.com
Dun duh dun.

As a {fair weather} runner, this is my death sentence.

But I thought it was about time to give you an update on my running.

And to be honest about it.

So let's start with honesty....

First of all, remember when I complained about running in the wind?

I take it back.

Because wind is the only way I can run in this ridiculous heat and humidity that poses for summer time in Delaware!

So, over the last week, I have forced myself into several smaller, slower paced runs to compensate.

Starting with this one on Memorial Day.

We were still in Georgia.

The humidity was at about 225%.

And it was 85 degrees by 9 am.

When the run was done, I came inside dripping.  LITERALLY.

But then we were home.

Where it was hotter.

And I managed to push my butt around the neighborhood for this run.

Honesty:  I stopped halfway through for a water break. 

I'm lame, but I consider it the same as hydrating during my race. 

My body needed this in the 90 degree heat.

And then, a few days later, this run happened.

In the middle of an afternoon.

 I'm a pansy, but I really wanted a good long run and I knew I wouldn't be able to do it until the sun started going down.

So I phoned it in.

Jillian would be so disappointed in me.

But I redeemed myself.

A nice, solid 3.58 run with a friend later in the day.

It was heavenly.

And only partly because it had cooled off.

After a week of running by myself, I realized how much I had missed running with someone.

As nice as Pandora is, nothing competes with conversation.

And after chatting with my friend during our run, I was motivated to push myself.

So last night, I went out there and gave it all I had.

Promising myself that if I kept my pace below a 9 minute mile, I would let myself quit at the first loop.

Which would be a 2.7 mile course.

And here she is:

2.7 miles in 23:50. 

That's an 8:52 mile. 

My goal for next week will be to either increase my distance and maintain that pace or increase my pace with the same distance. 

6 of one...

But all things considered, I would call this a successful running week.

Hot or cold.

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