Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Honest Opinion: Domino's Put their Game Face ON!

Have you seen these things?

There is a Domino's flyer on my water cooler at work that taunts me with this picture.

Every. Single. Day.

And every single day, I walk away drooling.

Not because it just looks good.

Oh. No.

Because I have tried the magic that is Domino's Pasta Bowls.

Only once.

But that was enough.

This thing is amazing.

In my mind, this is what food in heaven will taste like.

Only I won't have to worry about gaining weight from it.

Or tipping the delivery guy.

Cause...wait for it...the price has already been paid.

Nice, huh?

Ok, Baptist Eternity jokes aside....

This pasta bowl is pretty amazing.

But since my new goal in life is to look like Melissa Gorga after 3 kids...

NOTE: I look like this and I only have 1.

Um, yeah.

I guess I will have to hold off partaking in any of these delectable pasta bowls until eternity.

Or...until plastic surgery is free.

So Domino's, I just want to thank you for not giving up when some customer named Debbie from Wisconsin said she didn't like your sauce. 

Your dedication has me drooling day after day with delicious fantasies of your delectable goodies.

That I won't get to enjoy again until eternity.

1 comment:

tarynddavidson said...

1. Uhm, hold the mustard. you look like Gorga-whats-her-name in that pic compared to my bathing suit photo ... i am often confused with Roseann Barr.
2. i just ate a California pizza kitchen pizza... now i feel worse about it.
3. domino's is ruling my thoughts with their $4.99 "ready to go 10 slice pizza" - even if it's NEVER "ready to go" (7 min wait) and it's so piping hot that i no longer have feeling on my bottom lip.... the upside? i can now get that lip piercing i have always wanted ;)