Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

In case you don't know, I spent the long weekend away from the blog as well as away from my home - in Georgia.

I also spent the long weekend enjoying the luxuries of delicious food and a semi-sedentary lifestyle.


I went for 1 run while I was there, and it was so hot/humid that I crapped out at 2.5 miles. I was going for 3, but when I checked runkeeper at 2.32 miles, I accidently hit the stop button and decided that was a sign. I ran the rest of the way back to the house, which I am assuming was at least 1/4 mi. so I rounded it off at 2.5 and I'm pretty sure I wasn't running any faster than my 9:59 pace in that last 1/4 mile, so my pace would have been about a 10 minute pace the whole time.

Boy, am I losing ground or what?

A disgusting amount of sweat was pouring from my supposedly in-shape body. I was literally dripping. Gross, I know.

But so is this heat and humidity.
And I am really just a fair weather runner.

I have yet to weigh myself since I got home because I can only assume that I am back in the 40's again. 

Heck, with the way I ate this weekend, I could be back in the 50's!

And that's just depressing considering the fact that I was already playing the part of the chubby friend all weekend long.

But it would be hard not to, when this is who you are hanging out with.

I love Kathy, and if it weren't for the fact that I have worked so hard to look this way and Kathy has seen me at about 30 lbs. worse, I would have hid in my room all weekend long.

Luckily, she loves me for my personality and not my skinny thighs.

And I love her because she loves food and Housewives of New Jersey almost as much as I do.

So yes, despite my role as the chubby friend, I did allow myself to be swayed by the temptation of edible delights multiple times over the long weekend.
And it all started because of this guy....

You should know, if you don't already, that I am a huge Richard Blais fan.

And when I realized that I was going to be within an hour of one of his restaurants (actually 2 of them), I begged Techy to take me.

So he did.

Flip Burger...Here we come!

And here's how it started...

The turkey burger with onion rings. (I know.  What's the point of a turkey burger if you are going to have onion rings.  BUT.  I happened to really want everything this burger had to offer.  Turkey included.  And it was so delish that I didn't even notice the distinct lack of red meat.)

What they say is true.

The onion rings really do melt in your mouth.

But then came dessert.

And seriously, nothing captures sandwich shop (other than a sandwich) like a milkshake.

All made with liquid nitrogen, I'm sure.

Techy had the ever famous Cap'n Crunch shake. 

I know.  I thought the same thing.

Then I tried it.

And died from pure enjoyment.

But not before devouring my burnt marshmallow and nutella shake (Taryn, I totally thought about you and your love for all things nutella.  Also, did you know this is my first experience with Nutella ever?  Won't be my last, that's for sure!)

As if that wasn't enough, the next day Techy and I headed out to the Original Pancake House in Atlanta.

Their pancakes are monstrous and their omelettes are approximately the size of a smart car. 

No.  Seriously.

There had to be about 40 eggs in my omelette.

Techy had their peach pancakes.


But, of course, I have no pictures of them.

Then there was cookout # 1 and cookout # 2.

One involved healthy food, which I ate too much of.

One involved unhealthy food, which I ate too much of.

Follow all that up with only one workout and poor sleeping habits and you have one useless, lazy, jelly-belly me on your hands.

Techy is such a lucky boy.

At the end of the day, though, I came home more resolved than ever to whip myself back into shape as soon as possible. 

Because I am tired of being the chubby friend who has totally crapped out over the last few weeks and is totally using the heat as my excuse.  I am even considering doing something that I actually DESPISE the thought of - those wretched Insanity workouts.  But only because Ceej has had such amazing results from them.

Therefore, if any of you are just looking for an excuse to toss your vomit inducing Insanity dvd's - email me and I will totally give you my credit card number to ship them to me.

Cause I'm tired of being the fat girl.

Did I say that already?

Cause I really mean it.

Really, really.

But I don't wanna quit eating. 


Which is why I have chosen the Insanity workouts. 

I figure it will help me learn to choose what food I actually want to keep down versus what food I just wanna taste before I workout and it all comes back up.

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tracey said...

so stop saying that!!!
& you are in shape... be happy where you are & where youve come from!!! :)