Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Honest Opinion: The Hunger Games

"Why would I waste my time blogging when I could be reading?"

The words that have been going through my head repeatedly for the last week.

Actually more like "Why would I waste my time eating, sleeping, running, cooking, showering, watching Real Housewives of New Jersey...when I could be reading?"

After a week of reading, I finished the last book of the series last night at 11:30.

We all know I have a problem when it comes to good books, right???

These are more amazing than anyone could have even come close to telling me.

Although, I would have to say that I have not been breathing normally since last Thursday.

And I have started doing things very uncharacteristic of me.

Like snuggling.

I am not a snuggler.

Techy is.

I have been snuggling.

He is confused but very, very happy.

And despite my crazed obsession, is not complaining when I said I will definitely be reading through them again.

So yeah. 

Hunger Games?

Worth your time.

May cause panic attacks.

And may make you want to do things extremely out of character for you, like kiss your spouse with no naughty intentions, or snuggle for no apparent reason. 

Or call your sister at midnight just to say you love her. 

Or hug your toddler extra tight.

Or make your husband leave at least one section of your yard full of dandelions.

But yes.

Well worth your time. 

And that's my honest opinion!


Jennifer S. said...

I want to read the Hunger Games but I am too afraid to get sucked in! The Twilight series put my life on hold for a few weeks and my family couldn't wait til I was finished :)
By the way, LOVE RHONJ!! I don't not like the 2 new wives however.

tarynddavidson said...

Great... now I gotta get the books.
Bye bye life as I know it.

Bumber's Bumblings said...

I read the first one in February and had to seriously restrain myself from starting the next one because I knew I would never meet my running goals!!

Cortney said...

I love a good book and I'll forgo sleep to read in the summer time. I figure I can always nap later.

Ang said...
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