Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Honest Opinion: Cinco de Mayo Version


Donde esta el bano?!

El mosquito en un insecto offensivo.

Ok, I just exhausted my extensive Spanish vocabulary.

Which is sad because my niece who has dedicated her life to the teachings of Dora, can TOAST me in Spanish vocabulary association.

And she's like 2.

It's sad.

I am a constant disappointment to Techy, who thrives on knowing as many words and phrases in foreign languages as possible.

Primarily the questionable ones.

No seriously.

Last week, he told me he liked my butt in Chinese.

And I only know that because he used his new translation app on his new Droid to tell me.*

And then laughed until he cried.

Rolling around on the floor and clutching his stomach.

Um. Yeah.

Husbands don't really ever grow up.

And apparently the first thing they want to know how to say in any language is "boobie" or "butt" or any four letter word possible...

Which I find a little strange considering that the only conversational sentence I know in any other language regards my urgency to find a toilet.

But in his mind (where the world is his toilet) why waste your time on looking for el bano when you could be talking about boobies?

So yeah.

Back to Cinco de Mayo.

And my love of all things Mexican.

For the record, I have been so obsessed with the arrival of Cinco de Mayo, that I completely overlooked Mother's Day.

Not that I don't have a gift for my mother.  (After my over-indulgence in the Royal Wedding affairs last week, I have an urge to call her "Mum".  Is something wrong with me?  I think that this is completely reasonable, all things considered.)

I do have a gift for her.

I just forgot to mail it.

Because of Cinco de Mayo.

But dear heavens....

Isn't it understandable?!

I mean, the food is intoxicating....

Tell me you saw PW's post today....  It has had me salivating since dawn!


In honor of the occasion...

The things I love most about Cinco de Mayo....

Any excuse to launch my aggression toward a cardboard animal.  TOP OF THE LIST, PEOPLE! 

Either I have too much aggression, or I have a sickness.

Both are debateable at this point in time.

Pretty dresses.  Man, I wish I had worn one of these to work today!

No. Seriously.

I could have twirled around in circles sing-songing "¡Andale! ¡Andale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Yii-hah!"

This of course, leads me to another favorite...

Speedy Gonzales...

This dude had Dora beat all to pieces.  Despite the fact that the only thing I learned from him was that running fast was cool....  He has made a real impact on my life.  As seen here.

Enchiladas of any kind, but these from Centsational Girl are amazing!!!!

As in they might make you cry from how amazing they are.

And not from how spicy they are...which is a definite improvement in Mexican food, right?

Any excuse to go to Taco Bell.  YUMMMMMMMMM.

My girlfriend keeps trying to talk me into Chipotle, but I can't imagine anything that they have could compete with anything as amazing as a soft taco for less than $1.


Is it wrong that I will always associate chips and salsa with Ceej?

And is it wrong that I am a total salsa snob?

As in the Wal-mart brand, just isn't kicking it for me any more.

And neither is anything else on their shelves.

I like Chili's salsa (this should never, under any circumstances be confused with Chi-Chi's salsa...ever.  Ewwww) or any local Mexican restaurant's and that's about it.

I may as well just nickname myself as "Salsa Snob".

After last week's mini-obsession with the Royal Wedding, my affinity for hats has increased like 1 million percent.

Oh, a hat that has shiny sequins and threads on it???  PLUS it will keep the sun out of my eyes?!? 

Beat that, Princess Beatrice!

So yes...

Just a few of my favorite things about one of my favoritest days ever....

Now, please excuse me while I desperately search for a way to send to my mom her gift in time!

*I can already see that this is going to get old fast.


tarynddavidson said...

Lurve me Mexican food.
Sometimes I type in stupid to get my point across. Today is my sister's birthday - so we always celebrate with Mexican food and Margaritas! And then we hang her from a tree limb and blind fold ourselves, while holding a bat threatening to give her her "birthday spanking"... gets her every time.
But the real question is .... Did we really need ANOTHER excuse to celebrate Mexican food?

Kait said...

erm you should put a disclaimer not to read this post while eating a ham sandwich. Because I'm really wishing this sandwich would transform into something Mexican deliciousness....and it's not.

I wish you wore one of those dresses to work today too! And a nacho hat...erm..sorry that's the ham sandwich talking...

In conclusion, I love any posts that involve pinata's!

tarynddavidson said...

ps... i referenced your blog on my blog:)

Bumber's Bumblings said...

mmm thanks for those fabulous recipe ideas yesterday! I made the taquitos that PW recommended and they were AMAZING!!

ceejus said...

I'm not sure that loving bottomless $1.99 chips and salsa really makes you a salsa SNOB, but I see where you're going with it. I don't like most of the fresh salsas. Those garden ones. That's like...tomato-laden relish. Salsa should be SAUCY. I mean obviously. We should start a group that reminds people of these things. We could call ourselves the Salsa Approval League of Spicy Association.