Monday, February 4, 2013

That's Just The Cravings Talking...

Apparently last night was a big night in sports.

Not that I know anything about that since I was too busy chewing my nails off waiting to find out what happens to Mr. Bates to care about a football game.

That being said, I do have some regrets about my choices yesterday.

Like the food choices.

Normally, I spend my Sundays, and especially Super Bowl Sunday, binge eating as many pizza bites as possible.

But I was so nervous about the goings on of my favorite Brits that I completely forgot to eat.

Like anything.

And now, here I sit....

Chewing on my non-existent nails

And watching Ellen re-runs.

Sophia Grace and Rosie just had tea with Justin Beiber and my only thought was.


Aren't Mondays bad enough without having to talk yourself out of every.single.carb in your house???

That and "Don't these kids go to school...EVER?"

If hungry Leah sometimes morphs into cranky Leah.

Craving Leah morphs into something altogether Hyde-ish.




Is it me, or does Kelly Ripa talk too much?

Is it me, or is EVERYONE on Facebook totally annoying today?

Is it me, or is all places on all the internets against me?

So, if you happen to be confronted by Craving Leah today, I apologize.

And remember, I probably didn't mean it when I asked you to shut up about the amazing plays, Beyonce's incredible moves and your favorite commercials.

That's just the unsatisfied cravings talking.

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