Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I have severe anxiety.

That's probably what you should expect the night before a house full of relatives are scheduled to descend upon you.

And days before your baby girl's first birthday party.

And days before your 3 year old's unbirthday birthday party.

And the day before your 2011 photo book has to be sent to the printers....

And the day after you find out you have high cholesterol.

Who, you?

No!  Not me! 

Then who?

Must be...

Why would you say that?

The bloodwork WHAT?

Sorry about that.

Inner dialogue.

Yes, last night I got a call from my doctor's office....

Apparently, I have high cholesterol.

Let this be a life lesson.

You should most definitely play poker with me.

I ALWAYS get dealt the bad hands.

But I digress...

Point being, I don't have time for a book review today.

And probably nothing but whiny pants, unstructured, why-do-we-need-parties posts for the rest of the week.

Be excited.

Off-topic Leah is always so much fun.

Maybe I'll be back to normal on Monday.

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