Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Weight-Up Call

I understand it's been a while since I posted anything relating to my weight loss goals.

If you know me well, you probably can read between the lines enough to know that it's because I am not succeeding....

My last weigh in post was January something.

PEOPLE.  We are 2 days from March.

I have been completely silent about my weight loss during the month of February.

And since that last post back in January, I have lost a total of...drumroll please....

1.6 lbs.

If you, like me, are excellent at math, you know that averages out to .4 lbs per week.

And you probably know that it brings me down to here:

And for the record, I hit the 40 week mark 2 weeks ago.

It's easy for me to get frustrated.


It's also very easy for me to get discontent.

Don't ask me how.

I am comfortably wearing a size 8 now and often able to wear a 6.

Remember this girl?


She doesn't look like that anymore....

That's a size 8 and a medium.

Be impressed.

So, I have decided to change my game plan.

Since, at my current rate, it would take me approximately (or exactly)  16 more weeks, or another 4 months, to lose the rest of this weight.

And I'm sure it will happen, BUT....

I have decided to change my focus.

And as it turns out, a group of my online workout buddies have dedicated themselves to doing a month of Jillian's Ripped in 30....

(They just completed 30 straight days of 30 Day Shred)

My knee-jerk reaction is, "I can't do that!  I need more cardio!"

Which is actually Leah-speak for, "I don't wanna do strength 5 days in a row!  That's too hard!"





Or rather, I'm doing it.

This is post-day 3.

It's ridiculous.

I could barely move after day 1.

And this is still the "easy stuff".

I am still working in a half hour of cardio, post-Ripped (thus the bike pic), but I want to focus more on toning what I have.

And stop worrying about the weight side of it.

Because, truthfully, I'm at a healthy weight.

Do you know how difficult that is for me to type?

Because I am seriously OCD.

And a little goal driven.

It's not really like me to "give up" this close to my goal.

But I'd rather reduce my body fat/increase my muscle strength than lose weight.

That's just where I'm at.

How big of me, huh?

Now, who wants to join us?!

You know you do!

(Seriously, though, if you want in, Facebook me or email me, I will invite you to the group!  It's excellent for keeping you accountable!!!)

If not, that's cool, just keep watching - Transformation is happening people!


Angie Marie said...


Sarah said...

Maybe that's what I should do. I've been the weight (give or take 5 lbs) for 6 months.

Fatinum said...

Leah, you look fabulous!!! Dont let anybody else tell you otherwise! Proud of you and you are definitely inspiration to me!