Thursday, February 21, 2013

Party Fever...

Remember that month when I decided to host family from out of town, throw 2 birthday parties, and a baby shower at my house???

And on top of that, enrolled myself in a firearms safety class with my girlfriends....

It's been IN.TENSE, people.

Like more intense than Mariah and Nicki's love/hate affair.

No, seriously, people.

I am in craft overdrive.

I can no longer control myself.

I now understand how Leslie Knope feels about project binders.


I'd love to tell you that I will blog about all of it, but my life is so backlogged.

And filled with so.much.poop.

No, literal poop.

That's reality with 2 toddlers, a dog, and a husband.

But for a glimpse at all the things you missed...

Birthday party #1...

Little Man's belated birthday party....

He turned 3 on December 28

But since it was so close to Christmas, we waited....

Also known as the day before Baby Girl's birthday party.

I thought it was such a smart idea.

I mean, family was here.

And his friends were in town....


However, Lego brownies and Mickey Mouse ears absolutely ROCKED this kid's world.

And then, Baby Girl's 1st birthday party....

How has it already been a year???

Girlfriend was a birthday all star.

I am busy editing all the photos, but here are a (very) select few I snagged on my phone.

You can't tell it from this pic, but we went all out for this party.

And by all out, I mean CAKEPOPS.

Why has the world just now discovered cakepops?!?!

And why does it take SO LONG to make them?!!!

Something that delish should really be so much easier to acquire!

Or maybe not.

I think I gained 10 lbs in cakepops that week.


But then, with just over a week to recover from Baby Girl's party, several of us girls signed up for a firearm's safety course.

Let me tell you....

If you have not done one of these, DO.IT.

(And in my case, if you have, but need a refresher, DO.IT.)

Worth every penny.

We loved it, and learned so much!

You should really be impressed with us.

And finally, this weekend will wrap up my month of crazy with a "Little Man" (not to be confused with my Little Man) inspired baby shower....

If I make it out alive, it will be a miracle.

Wish me luck!

I know it's hard to believe, but with all this craziness, I'm running on empty.

I haven't lost weight in weeks.

But I'm enjoying the crazy, if not the weight.

Because that's life!

And life is beautiful, even at it's craziest!

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