Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Funny Valentine

Let me just be honest with you....

When you are a stay at home mommy of two and your husband is galivanting all over the state of Georgia running a company, Valentine's Day can seriously sneak up on you.

Suddenly, the day is here and you are running your dog to the vet, then the groomer, paying bills, running errands, and eventually rolling into the driveway just in time for naps....

And then back out for more.

I did have the forethought, though, to place a to-go order at Chili's....

Only to arrive in one of the most crowded parking lots in town, and realize that I still had to drag my 2 kids out of the car to go inside and pick up my food.


And then I called the groomer to see if my dog was done with his appointment.

Because, you know, his appointment was supposed to be over hours ago.

Only to have them tell me that he wasn't done and he wouldn't be for more than an hour.

So there I sat.

With my hard-won dinner that I had victoriously acquired at the hands of tyrannical toddlers and an over-crowded restaurant.

Not to mention, said fussy off-spring.

Stuck in the car.


That was when it hit me.

It didn't have to be miserable.

And I didn't have to just sit there and wait for the groomer to catch up with  me.

So, I called Techy and rolled out of the parking lot.

I may or may not have turned on some sappy Taylor Swift song to get me into the mood.

And made a quick left hand turn into the emptiest parking lot in town.

But, in the opinion of at least one of my passengers, the happiest place in town:

Within a few minutes, my date pulled in next to us, and we happily unloaded our crew into the play place.

Where we celebrated one of the finest Valentine's Days' I can remember....

In the flourescent glow of can lighting - after all, who can see anything in candlelight?

Our centerpiece was nothing more decorative than a ketchup packet and paper napkins....

But the food was still warm,

The company was better than I could have dreamed of,

And the crowd was non-existent.

Our Valentine's Day may not have been a classy as yours.

Or as romantic.

But it was filled with love.

And happiness.

And in my opinion, that makes it the finest Valentine's Day we've celebrated in years.

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