Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 37 and Counting

It's been a few weeks (3, to be exact) since I was accountable to myself for my preggo largeness...

And in the meantime, I've been chomping on bon bon's and chicken marsala.


But I have still managed to put on a little weight.

Despite the fact that I have upped my workouts from 3-4 per week to 5-6 per week.

And in case you are wondering what this moo-cow momma looks like these days and you aren't a Facebook follower, here ya go:

Last week's pic:

And this week's unfair comparison:

Yes, I look way bigger in the Now pic.  Thankyouverymuch.

But it's also not zoomed out by about 20 feet.

However, I do have a number for you.

A shameful number, but a number all the same.

As of this week, I weigh 179.2 lbs.

Meaning I have, at 37 weeks, gained 40.6 lbs.

Not on target for my goal, but not nearly as bad as last pregnancy.

I am continuing to workout like a banshee to try to keep the weight off and hopefully, this stuff will come off quickly once Baby Girl finds her way into the real world!

Wish me luck!!!

Either way, it should all be over soon and we can move on to our normally scheduled programming, right????

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