Friday, January 13, 2012

The Next Chapter Begins

I have a little secret for you's guys....

After today...

I will be on maternity leave.

That doesn't have an end date until I want/need it to have an end date.

Meaning, as of 4:30 this afternoon, I will enter the world of Stay-at-home-mom-dom.

I don't kid myself that this is going to make my life easier.

Mostly because I have a 2 year old.

And a husband who is getting busier by the day....

And I am 5 weeks away from adding a newborn to that mix.

But the prospect of not having to stress out about sick leave or maternity leave or vacation time or snow days...oh wait, I moved to Georgia....

Well, you get what I am saying.  

The life that I never thought I would choose for myself has chosen me.

Now I get to find out if I can manage to conquer it.

Without losing my mind.

And we all know I love nothing more than a good challenge, right???

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