Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TgiBlack friday

I know, I know...

Witty, right?

I can't take credit for it though.

My friends over at dealcatcher actually coined the phrase when they built

But wittiness aside, I figured you would be hankering for a Black Friday recap from someone who seriously enjoys this almost as much as that dang Target lady.

And since I wouldn't want to let you down...

Most of you, I'm sure, were aware of the ridiculousness that was Black Friday shopping this year. And by that I mean the Black Thursday/ Thanksgiving craze.

So many mixed emotions about the retailers'decision to do what they did by starting things on Thanksgiving...but I'm not here to talk about the degradation of family holidays or the fact that I willingly took part in such a fiasco....


I'm here to talk DEALS.

Because that's what this momma scored.

My shopping started around 3 pm....



I don't know if you heard, but I recently moved.

Leaving behind my washer and dryer.

And lowes had them on sale.

The pair for $698 with free shipping.

Which means shopping online....

Which ALWAYS means Ebates will pay me back....

Pretty sweet huh?

But the deals didn't end there...

8:30 pm found my sister in law and I in walmart trying to find the items on our wish list....

And at 10 pm, I had scored a $30 storage ottoman, 6 sets of fleece pj's for $4.97 each, an elmo back pack for $7, a kiddie chair for the little man for $18, a $20 train set for someone who may or may not be a little obsessed with choo choo's, and a wide variety of uber cheap chick flicks.

Then we headed to Target.  Where this very round, very pregnant, very cranky momma stood outside for over an hour without a coat in subarctic temperatures with my Michigan toughened sister in law who barely noticed the frost forming on the ends of our noses.  But soon enough, we were in the doors and hunting for the bargains.

Within 10 minutes we had scored $3 kiddie hats, a $25 king sized duvet with a free cover, a $25 fire pit, and more cheap chick flicks.

By that time I was feeling very much like Jack from know, before the ice berg blew everything up. I was unstoppable. Queen of the world, even. Less than 12 hrs and enough money saved to make China think twice about questioning their investment.

Next came Belk. You northerners won't know what I'm talking about, but think a middle aged Kohl's sans Kohl's cash. It's a happy place. And I scored some pretty epic deals...including but not limited to $90 boots for $20. I had to suffer through a few moments of severe claustrophobia that only the likes of a twi-heart waiting to meet Robert Pattinson on opening day could ever understand, but $20 boots are soooo worth it.

Next it was Penneys for another few epic deals-I mean seriously, pashmina's for $6....

And then, finally, breakfast.

And guess what? I totally pulled a Jack from Titanic and fell asleep in my ice water.

Because apparently, momma can only handle so much excitement on 1 hour sleep.

Are we surprised? Really?

All in all, I call it a success!!!

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Bumber's Bumblings said...

Good job!! Black friday was absolutely insane in Georgia and I will NEVER do it again, exept ONLINE!