Friday, October 28, 2011

My Honest Opinion: Liebster Award Edition

Despite my failure to post of late, I have managed to receive notoriety this week in the form of this puppy:


Which I assume means that someone ELSE'S opinion of my blog is total AWESOMENESS.

And when I "Googled" it to verify said awesomeness, this is what came up:

The Liebster Award is to spotlight up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

And since I totally buy into this kind of thing, I am more than willing to pass it on.  

So today's (note: yes, I realize it is a day late, loyal fans...THURSDAYS are SUPPOSED to be MHO days...I have mentioned the fact that I am pregnant, right???  Considering that and the fact that I am probably somewhere dancing ridiculously/pregnancy style to Pit Bull, you should really give me some lee-way here...)

As it turns out, my award was bequeathed (presented, dedicated, given...but really, I like lofty terminology, so BEQUEATHED it is for today...) to me by my awesome friend, Amber at Bumber's Bumblings. (You may remember her from that time that she posted about her open adoption in my "Grow Your Family Series".)  She's pretty awesome as a friend, mommy, and running buddy.   The best part?  She's a Georgia girl...meaning, she's coming to visit me soon!!!  Or so she says.  WINK!

Anyway, as part of this award, I am supposed to pass this on to 5 blogs, which IN MY OPINION, are equally worthy of receiving an award.  (What this means to you:  5 blogs who dispense entertaining and/or inspiring posts on a regular basis....)

1.  Debt Dumper's Anonymous.   Pretty much a given as #1 on my list - she's my sister and I will likely get beat up if I don't list her first....  No.  But forreal.  If you are a) frugal and b) obsessed with shoes, you will likely learn something worthwhile from her. 

2.  Home at the Happy Hills.  Written by my former (I miss Ogletown Baptist Church!!!) pastor's wife, who is constantly finding a way to craft with something that she got for $1 at the Pottery Barn Outlet.  Her posts are a constant reminder that home decor and crafting CAN BE ACHIEVED ON THE CHEAP!

3.  Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Talking To Myself.  Written by one of my best friends from college, Angie.  Don't Mind Me is an honest representation of life as a stay at home mommy of 2.  The good, the bad, the ugly, and the honest.  It's all there.  And it's always very entertaining.  As of today, it's snowing where Angie lives, so you can be aware that there will probably be some very scary "SAVE ME, I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO A FROZEN ETERNAL DESTINY" posts coming very soon.

4.  No Such Thing As Normal.  Another contributor to my "Grow Your Family" series, Taryn keeps it real discussing life and the challenges that she faces with her little family.  But it doesn't take long to fall in love with her family and it didn't take long to become awesome friends with her.  Be warned, she went to the beach this weekend, so if you tune in to her blog next week, you are sure to be taunted by pictures of the gorgeous Gulf Shore.  I know, I know.  I'm completely green with envy.  But you can bet, I'll be reading the post and drooling over one of my favorite beaches in the world next week....

5.  I would totally marry me if I could, totally.  Last but CERTAINLY not least.  Christine (AKA. Ceej) and Pioneer Woman are basically the reasons I started blogging.  Christine is an old friend of a friend, who eventually became a friend, who just happens to have one of the awesomest (read: most interesting) personalities ever.  She makes me laugh.  Alot.  She makes me think.  Alot.  And then she makes me read books that I would have never even thought about picking up.  She's pretty awesome like that.  I love her.  And you should read her.  She keeps it real.  Which may or may not mean PG-13 & R-rated at times, but I promise you will laugh.  Alot.  

I hate having to cut this off at 5, because there are so many other awesome "Up & Coming" blogs that I know of (ahem, my new office-mate pretty much had me rolling with this post the other day), but since that's the rules of this game...


WHAT has become of me!?

Following RULES???

We all know I am nothing if not a RULEBREAKER!

That means that I am officially passing on this award to 6 - NOT 5 - up and coming blogs. 

I know.  They will probably tear my crown away from me, like Sandra Bullock did in Miss Congeniality, but what do I care???

6.  FatSpot.  Seriously.  What could be more entertaining than the musings of a self-proclaimed "Fat" (we all know I would never, NEVER use that word), football loving, wife-adoring (he tries to put on a tough face, but man, does he love his girl) totally NOT-pc black man.  I adore him as an office mate and his blogs always make me scratch my head in wonder.  

So there you have it.  My top 6 Liebster Award worthy, up-and-coming, awesomesauce bloggers.
I know you are so happy to know about them.
You can thank me later.

*Technical rules of the Liebster Award that I didn't exactly follow because of my tendencies to break rules can be found here.  In case you are interested.

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