Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Blogging Hell

I'm still here.

Just stuck in the zone between insane high-speed FIOS and crappy wireless DSL.

But on the upside, there has been hours and hours of Netflix and Hulu Plus.

When I can actually get on the internet.

On the downside the best joke I've heard lately goes something like this...

What do you call a bear without socks?


All in all, Georgia is great.

Aside from the traffic.

And the crappy wireless internet.

And the amazingly hilarious jokes.

But back to the upside, The New Girl is on.

And I'm pretty sure that Zoe Deschanel is the awkwardness personified that I thought that only I could actually achieve.

This is why I love her....

So I am going to find solace in the happy place that is "The New Girl" and forget about my internet from the dark side....

Bye ya'll!!!


Carrie said...

The New Girl might be our favorite show. Chris sits and giggles like a girl through the whole thing...shhh don't tell him I told you! It is pretty darn hilarious!

frenda said...

I love Zoey!! Have you seen 300 Days of Summer?? SO GOOD.