Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Honest Opinion: Kindle FreE-books

Let's see a raise of hands for all of you out there who have smart phones?

And now those of you who have an iPod Touch or iPad?

Or a Kindle?

Ok, you can all put your hands down.

Now, a raise of hands for all of you who have been intelligent enough to download a Kindle app for your device (if your device isn't a Kindle)?

Um, seriously, ya'll.

This is life changing stuff.

Like the first air freshener.

Or the first electric blanket.

No.  Seriously.

It's amazing.

Have I talked about this before???

Because if not....

That was CLEARLY a mistake.

Cause this happens ALL THE TIME.

And although I would have once said, "There's a reason that book is free..."

I have found that a bunch of these free scores end up being amazing reads!

BUT, there's almost always a catch!

Like when I discovered a book....

A free book....

That had sat in my Kindle library for about a year, due to having a stupid title.

But I was desperate.

So, I decided to read the first chapter.

And I was hooked.  

And finished the book in like 4 days.

And then I made the mistake of telling a friend about it. 

And you know what she told me???

"Oh, I just looked it up - there's like 5 books in that series!  Looks good!"

Cue the needle scratching off the record

It just figures.

And I go look up all the other books and they are all like $10 a piece for the Kindle.

And now, the original book is $9.

My point?

Download the app.

Score free reads.

While they are still free.

And then don't brag to your friend about them so they can burst your bubble by telling you the rest of the series is only going to cost you 2 boxes of diapers.

But that's just my opinion!  

And we know what you all think of that, right????


Ang said...


Aunt Chanie said...

Umm.....I need to know what the awesome book was!

SusanK said...

Yes please tell me what book to go get. I really do dislike when they put book #1 for free then it is good so you need to get #2, 3, 4, 5 for money!

I am getting annoyed with a few free books that have good stories, but they have major typos! Or wrong words all together!

Leah said...

Chan, you would love it...called the wicked lovely"