Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Helpful How To: NOT Going into Labor

In case you wondered or cared how last night turned out....

Baby girl is still snuggly and warm INSIDE my belly.

That's right.

After having contractions-painful ones-for almost 3 hours last night, baby girl changed her mind and stopped.

More than a little frustrated, I am.

Kinda excited about the new 3d release of Star Wars, I am.

Kinda tired of being pregnant, I am.

And yes, kinda thankful last night wasn't the big night, I am.

I'm surprisingly terrified of having 2 kids.

So what did I do to make it stop, you ask?

Well, first, I called my sister, who is the resident expert on baby-having.


Then I drank a gallon of water and put my feet up.

Although all that led to was needing to pee alot, thus getting me ON my feet a lot.

Tell me, why do they tell you to drink plenty of fluids and lie down?

Do they know what happens to a pregnant woman who drinks lots of fluids and lies down?

Because I do.

And it's really not helpful.

Also, do they know what it's like to attempt to pee while you are having a contraction?

But back to the point at hand...

It works.

And about an hour after drinking my water and lying down, my contractions stopped.

I know we are all relieved....

And I'm sure you are so relieved to know that what they say actually works.

Despite all the peeing....

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