Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pookie and Techy's Day Of Fun!

This weekend was a busy one. But last Thursday night, Techy stopped me while I was getting Little Man ready for bed to advise me that he had a surprise for me. Apparently he had asked my mother-in-law to watch our little guy for Saturday night so that we could go out for a well deserved night out. And he was so excited about it. He kept mocking that scene from Friends when Janice drags Joey back into the apartment chanting “Janice and Joey’s DAY OF FUN!” But we knew we had a lot to do before we ever made it to our “Day of Fun”. And we made a list.

-Oil Change
-Yard work
-Chop off the stump in our flower bed and mulch over it (We had a wretched plant that has been eating one side of our house since we moved in. Thankfully, during one of the 3 blizzards we had this year, it kicked the big one and fell over, so Techy and the neighbor chopped it down last weekend and my house breathed a long awaited sigh of relief)
-Clean Garage
-Laundry (never got done)
-Clean house (only partially done)

(We are list people)
And that’s only about half of what was on the list.

By 3 o’clock, we were exhausted and not even halfway through the list, but we had to stop if we were ever going to make it to dinner on time. And off we went.

We had a phenomenal time together. We went to dinner early. Amazing restaurant. Delicious food. Amazing food. It was like I have never tasted food before. The d├ęcor of the restaurant was amazing. They seated us at a couch with a table in front of it. (Almost like being at home with a personal chef and no tv) and proceeded to feed us all sorts of delectable delights. (I can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoyed the food.) Our original plan was to head over to the mall after dinner, but since dinner took a bit longer than we had expected, we opted to head back towards home and pick up Little Man from the in-law’s house.

But, on the way home, we passed one of my all time favorite stores….

And I begged Techy to let me stop. So we did. Apparently, Techy has never been in a Big Lots before. He couldn’t get enough! Everytime I would try to make my way to the register, he managed to find something else amazing to look at. He reminded me of that guy from the Staples commercials – “WOW, THAT’S A LOW PRICE!!!”

And for the record, he walked away with a treasure.... A Solar Tiki Statue similar to this beauty

Now imagine a blue glow and you will have a good image of what he got. Talk about delighted. I couldn't have pried it from him if I had tried. (Which I obviously did not. He was far too giddy about that thing.)

If only every date could result in such an amazing take-away. Obviously, this date classifies as one of the top dates of all time! (I will just say it, we are very simple people...obviously)

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Kaci said...

glad you had fun!