Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A love affair

I love technology. Obviously.

I love the convenience of talking to people without having to actually talk. I love the fact that I can watch all my favorite shows without having to stay up late to watch them. I love the fact that I can know all about what is going on in someone’s life without ever talking to them.

What I love even more is watching the older generation enjoy the wonders of technology. They don’t fully understand it, but they love it. This morning one of the ladies in my office, who just had a new grandbaby a few months ago, had obviously gotten a picture message on her cell phone and was toting it around to show it off to everyone. It’s so funny to me.

I can’t even go on Facebook anymore without seeing a comment from a former teacher, youth leader, or volleyball coach.

I love the fact that my mom knows how to text message.

I love the fact that everytime my father-in-law goes out of town, he feels compelled to send me a picture message of whatever sight he is seeing.

I love the fact that my grandma has a cell phone and email.

Now if we could just skip to the part where we all have flying cars and robots named Rosie, my life really would be complete!

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