Monday, April 5, 2010

Did you know that when your niece's birthday is the day after yours, your birthday no longer matters?

Aaaah, the joys of family. Admittedly it isn’t always joys, but this weekend it was.

We made another of those infamous Virginia trips this weekend. And I have to say, we had more fun than I ever thought possible. Friday, my niece turned 1 and Saturday was her birthday party. I love it when we actually get to go home and visit with friends and family. Usually, everyone is busy with their own lives when we go home and we might get a 20-30 minute window to see someone, but this trip, everyone had already planned to drop what they were doing on Saturday afternoon for one adorable little girl’s birthday. So we got to show off Little Man (finally) and catch up with everyone. Man, was it fun.

Who knew that kids are a ton of fun when cake is involved? Techy took control with his new camera and got some amazingly adorable shots. Most of the family complained that I brought the papparazi with me, but they won't be complaining when they see the adorable pics of their kiddo's.

Did you know that kids love Dorito’s so much that they will stick their whole arm in the bag to pull out just a handful of crumbs?

I thought I was the only one who did that!

Also, did you know that when you tell a 4 year old that you expect to a big smile, he interprets it to mean that he should be sticking out his tongue?

We learned that my nephew loves his little sister so much that he wants “bie (read 5)sissies, Mommy. Please? Bie Sissies?” Imagine him holding up all 5 of his doritos-powder-covered fingers and saying “No, not 2, Bie sissies!” Something tells me he doesn’t know what he’s asking for.

But Baby Girl loved every bit of her party.

She loved her first taste of cake,

And she loved squishing it between her fingers,

she loved having her brother and her friends help her open her gifts.

And mostly, she was just happy, cause she is just a happy girl.

Ah, the cuteness!

Is it any wonder that I caved and had a kid after these little guys entered our world?

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