Thursday, December 10, 2009

Surprising Turn of Events

Today is an exciting day.

Today Techy, my sweet hubby, got to experience something he never dreamed that he would ever experience…. Today Techy’s office threw him a surprise BABY SHOWER!!!!

I was in on the secret, because they, of course, invited me. However, I could not attend as I had a previously scheduled visit with my doctor that I absolutely could not miss.

As fun as it would have been for me to be there, it is much more enjoyable to think of Techy squirming from what I can only assume was one of the most uncomfortable situations he has ever been placed in. Had I been there, it would remove far too much of that pressure from him, and that would just be wrong! Every time I think of him sitting there with cute little bags and boxes around his feet as he awkwardly tries to open gifts I have to smile!

I hope there were lots of bows and tissue paper! I hope there were bunches of baby clothes for him to act excited about!!! I hope there was one of these:

He will come home with it and say something to the effect of, "I have no idea what this is, but isn't it cool? Can you return some of the stuff you bought and use this stuff instead?" Because that's what he says about everything we have gotten from baby showers.

I hope someone took pictures!!!! Imagining my husband, whose favorite past time is playing video games and burning things, opening tiny baby things and trying to be excited about it while also being the center of attention, is just too much for me!

As much as I know he won't enjoy being the center of attention for that time, I do know that he will love the fact that the people he works with felt the need to do something for him. He loves his job and he adores the people he works with and for. I can't wait to have this little guy here so Techy and I can introduce him to all those wonderful people!

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