Friday, December 11, 2009

Run for your lives! An alien has invaded!

Help! My life has been overtaken! My whole world revolves around this little person who is still happily lodged in my midsection. My whole BODY revolves around this little person who is still happily lodged in my midsection. I dropped my razor in the shower this morning, and realized as I bent over to pick it up, that the little man was kicking me in response to ME making HIM uncomfortable…. “So sorry about that! Did not mean to inconvenience you…I will try to be more careful next time.”

One of my girlfriends had twins this summer, and somehow she managed to carry them to 38 weeks, which is where I am now. How in the world she maneuvered around 2 of these little people is incredible to me!

This little guy kicks me in the gut all the time and occasionally, he will strum my rib cage with his toes…super painful…super annoying.

For the record, the main reason I am documenting this information is so I won’t forget. In a few years when I start to think that having another one is a great idea, I want to remember a few things….

- Morning Sickness. From the time I hit 6 weeks until at least 12 or 13, I was constantly nauseated.
- Bladder Control Issues – I thought I had a small bladder before…yeah, right!
- Leg Cramps – They were wretched until I started taking my vitamins before bed. Let this be a lesson to any of you who may be pregnant or may get pregnant…take your vitamins every night before going to bed! It makes for a much better sleepy-time!
- Blood tests, blood tests, and more blood tests
- The pain in my side that started around 20 weeks and never fully went away
- Feeling sore and bruised from the inside out
- Back Aches
- Worries, lots and lots of worries.
- Swollen feet
- Double chin
- Stretch Marks – giant stretch marks!
- Moving like an old woman every morning when my hips ache from the loosening and separating….
- Hot hands

The only good point I have experienced so far?

That stuff they say about women’s hormones kicking up in the 2nd trimester and your love life being really, really good…. It’s really, really true. (Sorry for the TMI, just being honest...)

After visiting my doctor yesterday, I now know that I am still probably several weeks away from delivery but I am growing more uncomfortable with every day. New aches and pains develop almost daily. Everyone insists that you get so miserable toward the end that you forget about the fact that your whole life is going to change and you really just want that baby to get here. Although there is a certain part of me that would relish nothing so much as to be done being pregnant, I have yet to forget what comes next.

After all, if this little guy can disrupt my life while he is still tucked in my belly, how much more will he do once he arrives? I am praying that I am one of the lucky ones who ends up with a baby that comes out sleeping 6 hrs a night, but I am highly skeptical. Just a few more days until we know for sure.

OK, gotta go, I am feeling a little lightheaded now…life…changing…completely…changing…. So…terrified….

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