Monday, December 14, 2009

From One Blog Queen to Another...

Just typing the words made me laugh….

Yesterday, I did something so incredibly ridiculous.

Yesterday, at 38 weeks pregnant, practically ready to burst, I drove an hour north, in the pouring down rain, risking life and limb to see a celebrity. Ok, so you probably don’t classify her as a celebrity, but I sooo do. I mean, she published a book, she was in a magazine, and she has been on TV at least twice now – the Bonnie Hunt show and QVC! Therefore she IS a celebrity. She freakin’ met Paula Deen while on QVC—definitely celeb-worthy.

Ok, so she isn’t a real celebrity. She is merely a normal person that happened to create a blog about her extremely normal life and it caught on. She calls herself “The Pioneer Woman”—you may have heard of her.

Well, yesterday, I met her. As I said before, I drove an hour away (technically a no-no when you are this close to giving birth, but I kept telling myself I was only 15 minutes away from the state line and very close to several great hospitals….) and waited for 4 ½ hrs for 3 reasons….

1. A lady in my church wanted to go, but couldn’t. She had asked me to pick up an autographed cookbook for her IF I went.
2. It isn’t every day that you get to meet even a semi-celebrity for free (or very little cost, once I had paid for my cookbooks….) I knew that if I let the opportunity pass I would completely regret it.
3. I really wanted this picture for MY blog….

And she was very accommodating. There was quite the crowd. There was Q & A time. There were savvy women. There were giddy, not so savvy women. There were a few men. There were mommy’s with lots of adorable babies. And there was me. HUGE. PREGNANT. ALONE.

For the record, when I posed next to her, I think I surprised her. I don’t think she was expecting me to plop my big ole belly up on her shoulder!

Don’t worry, before I left, I apologized for any long term damage her close contact with my enormous mid-section may have caused.

All that being said, I succeeded in accomplishing my goal. I met my celebrity and definitely left an impression or quite possibly a bruise!

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