Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 18

It has officially been 2 weeks since my last weigh-in.

And I know that all 4 of you have been dying for an update!

And since I hate nothing more than disappointing people, here goes nothing.

It's been an exciting 2 weeks.

Since I broke the 20 pound mark, I have had a nervous twitch in my right eye just waiting for the week that I leveled off.

Didn't lose anything.

Hit that plateau.

Yada yada.

So, it was with a sigh of relief that I greeted last week's weigh in.

Because last week, it finally happened.

Despite my best efforts, I didn't even lose 1/10 of a pound.

I know, in your head you're asking, "SIGH OF RELIEF???  LEAH?  ARE YOU OK?"

But seriously.  I have been worried about this for weeks now.

And it finally happened.

And it wasn't a gain.

And the twitch finally went away.

So yeah.

Sigh of relief.

Oh, but this helped:

Another size 8.

17 weeks and 21.4 lbs and I'm already in my 2nd size 8.

That sparked a giddy moment where I decided to do a quick snapshot of "Shrinking Leah."*

Then the giddy got slap-happy.

So I carted myself off to bed and started my week with a renewed dedication to get past the plateau as quickly as possible.

I changed my exercise routine.

I took my weight watcher point count down by 2 per day.

And then, I worked it out.

And yesterday, at the end of week 18, here's where the numbers shook out:

That's a 3.4 lb. weight loss in one week!

Bringing my total weight loss down to 24.8.

To be honest, I don't think there is much of a visual change this week, but I took a picture all the same:

What you don't see in this picture is that although the jeans I'm wearing are a size 10, the top is a size 6.


I feel like a surfer who just caught his first wave.

(You should know, though, that had it not been for the generous hemline of the shirt, you'd have seen a muffintop to rival anything you would see on People of Walmart.)

But it's worth it.

Size 6, duuuuuuuuuude.

That, my friends is SUCCESS!

*think of it like Flat Stanley.  You can (read: should) totally print off a copy of this pic and send me your very own "shrinking you" pics of your weight loss journey next to your very own "Shrinking Leah".**

**This sounds like Instagram GENIUS people!!! My moments of brilliance are rarely beneficial and are minimally noticed, so please, make the most of this one.  MKaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay?

1 comment:

beweaver said...

I personally watch you weigh in and as I sit here, jealous....I think, wow, I wish I could do that. All those years as a skinny, when the new size 2 was a size 6 and the 4 was a then size 8-10. Never had the joys of saying, I'm a 2 or 4, even though I was barely 120lbs. Now, 25 years later then grandma woes have hit in the weight department. I always feel bloated and weighed down. I hate the rolls that now engulf my waste line. And to make matters worse, my lungs will not allow me to move faster than a snails pace, much less consider a high impact aerobic workout! I eat much less than I'd like to and watch every little thing that I eat - hoping to drop that measly 10-15lbs I've been stewing over.

Just wanted to say it to someone. I do have the luxury of having good genes in that department so I'm not enormously overweight, but in the comfort department, it stinks.

You are doing great! I should have such willpower and motivation to get moving.