Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Just Don't Get It

Tell me.

Have you seen this life changing video?

If not, I can give you a minute.

Or 3:36, if you're the technical type.

Go ahead.

Watch it.

Did you?

Ready to talk?

You're rewatching it, aren't you?


Go ahead.

I won't tell anyone.

But before you watch it for a 3rd time, let me remind you that you just lost 7 minutes of your life.

Now ready to talk?

Because I am.

Or maybe I'm just ready to say....

"What the?????"

Or just...


And how 'bout,

"Taylor, are those monkeys on your pajama's???"

Or maybe,

"What's with the fairy tale rave you have going on in your sweater-clad apartment?"

And even,

"I thought you were better than that, Taylor."

But most especially,

And most importantly,

"I'm pretty sure he's happy about it, after seeing this video."

(Personally, I think this video is way cooler:)

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