Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well, I'm always runnin, always runnin behind...

It's time.

Time for me to admit.

I am just too busy for my blog.

We (read: I) offered my house as host house for a baby shower in a few weeks.

And need I remind you how much work my house needs???

Um, seriously???

But it serves the purpose of forcing us to settle.  Fast.

Techy hates me right now.

But in 3 weeks, when he can go out on the back porch and sit in his new-to-him lawn furniture while he's grilling his Ball Park, he'll be saying my name with a sigh....

And a thank you.

And while I'm fantasizing, with a palm leaf and a bowl of grapes while he's massaging my feet and telling me that I am the ultimate wife, mother, housekeeper.

And then, and only then, will I post pics of all my progress.


Not really, I am storing up boatloads of posts for the three of you who still care about what's going on here.

For the record, all this work is really doing things for my dairy-air.  (read: butt, aka. junk in the trunk, aka. booty, aka. derriere {and you thought I couldn't spell, right})

But if you reallly wanna know what's going on, here's a little glimpse:

A makeover of Techy's office, you can't tell much from these pics, but it went from brick red to light grey.  Talk about a "cool" change.

Alot of sweating.  I moved to GEORGIA, ya'll!!!  It's hot down here!

The inevitable Braves game.  In which I was way more interested in the food than the game.  Shhhhhh!  Don't tell, these people are REALLLY into their sports teams.

What you are seeing here, people, is Techy's wildest dreams coming true.  He's passing the torch, so to speak.  I think he almost cried, ya'll.  It was a big 4th of July.

Family date night at Truett's (sit down Chick-fil-a, be jealous.  I understand...)

And the pinnacle - Techy's lawn furniture.  (Estate sale, ya'll!  A grill, 2 6 seat outdoor dining sets WITH umbrella's and a wrought iron bench for less than $200, he's a happy boy!)

Anyway, I miss you, bloggy friends. 

Hopefully, you can love me despite my lapses.

Because I love you!!!

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