Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Weight Loss Explained

A few weeks ago, after I posted one of my weekly weigh in pics on Instagram, one of my friends commented with the ever notorious, "How are you doing that?" comment.

Which, I'll totally admit, is loaded with all kinds of awesome flattery-ness in the way I read it.

In my head, I read it full of incredulity.

Like I'm magical and using fairy dust as my secret weapon.

Believe me, people, if I had magic weight loss fairy dust, I'd be selling it on the streets of Miami faster than any cocaine bearing drug-lord. EVER.

In reality, my weight loss "success", if you would actually call it that, is related to a healthy dose of self control, a little bit of Jillian Michaels, and yes - technology.

1.  The Self Control.

I know I have said it before.  Probably multiple times, even.

But I am a firm believer in the power of Weight Watchers.

Not really current day, Weight Watchers, though.

I'm not a fan of Points Plus.

I follow the old program.

The one I started using 10 years ago in college.

The one that helped me lose 40 lbs. over my senior year.

HOWEVER...and here's the catch.

I only diet 5 days a week.


I figure, I am much less tempted by a brownie on Tuesday, when I know that if I make it to Saturday, I can eat one.

It sounds stupid, but it works.

And it has worked for the past 10 years, both to get my weight off and to keep my weight off.


That isn't all I do.

2.  The Jillian Factor.

I workout.

At least 5 hours a week.  With at least 3 of those hours being cardio and 2 hours being strengthening/toning.

In a typical week, I run, bike or use my elliptical on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on Tuesday and Thursday, I do a combination of 30 Day Shred (30 minutes) and Pilates or Yoga (30 minutes).

Yes, this time around, I am a stay at home mommy who gets nap times to get my workout in.

But that's not to say that you can't workout if you work.

Because I totally did it last time.

And still I managed to train for a half marathon, while still working and being mommy to Little Man.

I just made it a priority.

I would workout for 30 minutes at lunch time and then 30 minutes after dinner.

Or first thing in the morning and then as soon as got home....

You have to be flexible, but you have to make it happen.

3.  Technology.

A little over a year ago, my sister started raving about this weight loss app where she could look up any food ever and log her calories for the day.

I just rolled my eyes at her.

Because I don't count calories.

I count points.

Like I would need that.



It changed my life.

If you have a smartphone, and you are attempting to lose weight, go to your app store and look up my fitness pal.

It turns out, I was eating way too few calories to lose weight doing the workouts I was doing.

I was netting about 200 calories a day.

No wonder I wasn't losing!

This app keeps me on target with my calories as well as my workouts.

It gives me a much more accurate account of how much I am actually burning during a workout.

Versus how many calories are in the foods I eat.

And I get to be friends with my sister and watch her (she - after 3 kids - just found herself wearing a size 6 again) get down with her bad self.

We root each other on.

However, if you don't have a smart phone, you aren't uninvited to the part.

Oh, no, you don't get out that easily.

You can still log in online and log your foods, workouts, etc.

And if you do, be sure to friend me.

There are so many other things that could be said, but this post doesn't need to drag on forever.

So, please, if you have questions, ask them.

If you need a cheerleader, call me.

If you need a running buddy, I'll make it happen.

If you just wanna see a change, start somewhere.

It's slow, and it's painful, but change doesn't happen without discomfort and you are probably going to need someone to talk you through it.

To help you not give up.

To keep you motivated.

I do.

That's why I am so transparent with my weight.

I want to be accountable to all of you.

I want you to cheer me through my goal.

But I would love nothing more than the opportunity to help cheer you through yours.

So, let's be friends, mkay?

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