Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Epic Tale of Potty Training

Being a stay at home mom has really brought me to my knees.

Please know, I am not complaining, but I would seriously consider paying for day care again, if only to con someone else into the job of potty training this kid.

I know what you are thinking..."Leah, are you crazy?"

And today, I just may be.

In my defense, I have cleaned toddler poop AND dog poop out of the floor today.

I literally watched the child who has been practically accident free for days, stand in the middle of the room and pee, while starting at me to see my reaction.

And he followed that by pooping in the floor while I walked away long enough to get him some clean under pants.

Then my dog pooed on my new rug.

And Baby girl ruined a brand new outfit when she pooed up her back.

All that to say, anyone wanna take over the messy business at this house?

You will be highly compensated...if you consider Butterfingers and Twix bars as compensation...

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