Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm over this month.


12 days in and I hate it.

But that's mostly because I'm too busy.

And my husband is no help.

He's even more busy than I am!

This month he is in the process of opening 6 new Verizon stores.

And I'm in the process of settling in our new house.

Taking care of a 2 year old.

Babying my 9 week old baby.

Waking the dog.

And making milk.

lots and lots of milk!

Oh, and have I mentioned I am forcing myself to get back on the elliptical?

Mostly just to keep myself sane.

Because, goodness knows I'm not losing any weight.

Today, I reached a breaking point.

I actually sat and cried.

But only for about a minute and a half...

Cause momma can't afford to waste no time crying!

Momma's got work to do!

Like getting my house to not look like this anymore!