Monday, December 5, 2011

How much happiness can fit in one day?

The past 24 hrs have been an exciting roller coaster of emotions.

Allow me to recount.

Move into house. High.

Wait all day for cable man and miss your prime romantic dinner opportunity. Make the best of things by going to dinner in your hobo outfit with the love of your life.  Mid level drop.

Go to awesome new church's awesome new Sunday school class and make lots of new friends. High.

Rush home to put your cranky kid and hubby down for a nap. Low.

Go to ikea. High.


Super high with a barrel roll.

Come home 4 hrs later to a cranky hubby, already sleeping toddler and an empty cupboard. Low.

Go to bed because your aching back and feet cannot take any more. Low.

Awaken to the sound of your husband looking for a trash bag to puke in. Low.

Spend the next 6 hours trying to sleep between all the bathroom visits and the knowledge that you and the kid are next. Super low.

Just as you are finally starting to drift off, getting a knock on the door from your almost-no-longer-housemates who've been up all night doing the same thing as Techy. Low.

Blogging about the excitement at 3 am rather than sleeping because, if nothing else, at least you still find it humorous...for another 6 hours or so until you get it.... Priceless.

I knew you would appreciate being in on it with me....

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