Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmas Day

You know the anticipation of a perfect Christmas that we all seem to have?

Yeah, well, here's a running recap of our Christmas morning:

8:15 am

Techy and I have been up since 7 am fully expecting the 2-year-old-soon-to-be-3-year-old to be up and ready to see what Santa brought him.  Alas, today was the first morning in MONTHS that the kid slept past 8 am.  So we wait....


8:45 am

"A Christmas Story" is now blaring on the tv, my 2-year-old-soon-to-be-3-year-old is beating people with a wrapping paper tube and my 11 month old is chewing on the side of her pack n play, as I sit, snuggled on the couch with Techy, typing on my new laptop.

Santa was good this year.  Really, really good.  As evidenced by this:

Techy got new running shoes and a Garmin GPS watch.  I'm impressed.

Momma got a laptop and a Roku thingy so I can finally watch Netflix or Hulu in my bedroom.


Little Man got a cardboard rocket ship and a dump truck.  He thinks he won the lottery.

And Baby Girl got her first baby stroller...for whenever she decides to walk and push something in front of her.

So far today, my meals have consisted of 4 Pioneer Woman Orange Marmalade Rolls and about half a dozen cookies.  I'm planning to get up and load up on some Mashed Potatoes and Mac n Cheese soon, but for now, the cookies are in my reach, so why move?


10 am

Did you know that you could actually break a sweat putting together a cardboard box?  We got tired of hearing Little Man scream about wanting to play in his cardboard "WOCKET SHIPPPPPP" so Techy and I just spent the better part of 45 minutes screaming at each other while trying to make all the pieces fit.  I think this proves to be a bad omen for the bike years.

But seeing this face makes it all worth it.


12:15 pm

Just put the kids down for a nap, drank half a bottle of sparkling cider and attempted to watch Christmas Vacation with the Techmeister.  (Who {sidenote} just beat Angry Bird Seasons and is delighted to be playing the bonus round.  NERD)

We survived Christmas morning.

And here we sit.  Still in our pj's, not even the slightest thought of getting up and getting dressed crossing our minds.  BEST CHRISTMAS EVERRRRRR.


1:30 pm

I just took the first nap I've had since Baby Girl was 2 days old.

That was like 10 months ago.

This was so overdue.

I think I'll eat another cookie...or 2...or 5.


2:15 pm

In case you wondered.

Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes are even better the second time around.

Even if all you have to pair them with is chicken nuggets and leftover mac n cheese.



4 pm

Everyone's up from nap.

Watching Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas for the 15 bazillionth time this season.

Techy is reading a book.  He hasn't moved from his spot on the couch for the last 4 hours.

I should probably be concerned.

But I am catching up on blog reading and to check on him, I would have to get up, and I don't plan on doing that until I have to fix dinner.


7:30 pm

The kids are finally in bed and I am finally getting ready to relax.

(Get this, yesterday, I had a panic attack over whether I should try to diet through Christmas.
Diet?  What diet????)

I just ate 6 more sugar cookies and downed the rest of my sparkling cider while reading a book in my bathtub.

Who needs a diet when fat floats this well???


In conclusion...


Hope yours was just as fabulous.

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