Friday, March 16, 2012

The Difference Between a First and Second Baby

Back when I was on my maternity leave with Little Man, I felt all grown up what with the lack of sleep at night and all the breast feeding.

But this second time, I've really learned what a truly responsible, grown woman and kind, generous, extremely giving mother I am.

And oh, so humble.

All the things I ever thought I might never be.

Except the part about being humble.

If there's anything I prise myself in, its my humility.

(sense the sarcasm, people)

I cannot tell you the immense amount of satisfaction that comes with this knowledge.

I am an amazing mother.

And you wanna know what I am basing that knowledge on?

The fact that I have forfeited my round the clock viewing of DIY network for all day episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and my DVR has more Disney Jr. on it than reruns of Parks and Rec.

Yep. Pretty much tipping the scales on Mommy of the Year...

Try not to be too jealous...

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SusanK said...

Have you tried Word World yet? Sidney is addicted! And it is not as annoying as most of the other shows :) that is what is on my DVR. Today's episode is sh sh shark and she is "copying" the Sh every time the SH came on the screen.