Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Trek

Today is a monumental day.

Less than 28 days after I delivered the Little Man, we made our first journey.

Lessons learned:

-Travelling light is not possible with a baby. I packed like I was moving to a different country.

-Breastfeeding at roadside gas stations is VERY interesting. Thank God for tinted windows!

-When travelling with your historically minded father and you need to stop to breastfeed your newborn, expect to hit up the nearest Civil War battlegrounds and enjoy the AM 610 information station advertising said battlefield.

-It has been approximately 12 hours since I left home and I miss my hubby terribly. Truthfully, Techy was less than enthused about my journey. (For those of you who know how ridiculous he has been, it is probably only because with me and the Little Man in Virginia, he can't control who does or doesn't get sprayed down with Lysol and hand sanitizer before coming within 3 yards of the baby.)

-While I spent the day making a 6 hour drive an 8 hour drive, Techy was sincerely mourning my departure. He spent the afternoon playing video games with his sister's husband. Good to know I am missed.

-If you are planning to go out of town after having been home with your dog every day for several weeks on end, you should not leave his bag of treats where he can reach them. He may spend the day drowning his sorrows by eating the entire bag. Pretty sure that we are going to find out just how sick "sick as a dog" really is.
All in all, we have learned that making sure that family has enough time with baby is very important, even when it isn't easy. Over the last week, we have gotten to spend a good bit of quality time with Techy's sister, who travelled across the country with her 18 month old little girl to meet our little guy. Last night, her husband flew in and we got to introduce our little guy to him this morning. And then we turned around and travelled to Virginia with Pappaw to introduce him to the rest of the family.
With all that excitement on top of feeding every 3 hours, I need a couple weeks to recover and sleep non-stop.
How much longer until I get to sleep through the night again?

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